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Coffee Price comparisons

More Bang for Your Buck

Most coffees you find out there are sold in 12-ounce bags which average about 24 cups of coffee. Pops coffee bags are 16-ounces, which averages 32 cups per bag and costs about the same price as those other 12-ounce coffees. We want to give our customers that fresh roasted, café feeling without breaking their bank to get it. Pops coffee will make your kitchen smell amazing like that cute downtown corner café you love.

We use high-quality, handpicked Arabica beans only! We make sure our beans are in their prime so our customers can best enjoy their cup of coffee. Whether it’s from Africa, Indonesia, or Central and South America, our beans come from some of the finest fertile and productive soils in the world. Maturing amid a near perfect balance of elevation, volcanic earth, moisture, sun, and shade that helps explain the full-flavored profile of all our beans.