About Us

About - Pops Coffee Company

It all began with…you guessed it! Coffee! 

My favorite job was working at a local cafe. I loved the smells, the hustle & bustle while creating different coffees and specialty drinks for customers, getting to know them, what they like, and building relationships. 

To me, coffee is just so amazing and unique! Coffee lovers and alike spend a lot of time and effort trying to find that perfect cup of coffee they love! The one they crave and keeps them going back for more! My passion for coffee was how Pops Coffee Company started. I want to share my favorite coffees and blends with all of you and deliver them right to your door! 

Coming from a big Romanian family where meals are an event, we at Pops Coffee Company know how important it is to provide our customers with the finest possible coffee and to share the blends that my family and friends fell in love with! With Pops Coffee, you can create an atmosphere and ambiance of sitting in a cozy chair at your favorite cafe while catching up with loved ones right at home.