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Air Roasted Coffee

Fluid Bed Air Roasting

Protecting the environment for future coffee drinkers

What makes Pop's coffee unique and different from other coffee retailers? Our Micro-batch air roasting process. Unlike commercial drum roasting, which is fueled by burning gas. Air roasting uses electricity, therefore, creating a smaller footprint. Our roasting process is 99% free of VOC and CO2 emissions, whereas drum roasting is fueled by natural gases that create environmental toxins which contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Fluid bed air roasting has the highest levels of efficiency and also more consistent results by using the air and thermal flow. During roasting, it effectively removes chaff as it separates from the bean so all that’s left is the coffee. In drum roasting, the chaff is often partially burned as it is evacuated, creating pollutants which fall into the roast and become part of the coffee. 

So in other words, our roasting process is cleaner and more efficient, creating better tasting coffee!